Sport and relaxation at the hotel

The gym is the perfect place to practice a sport and relax in peace. Take advantage of your stay at the hotel Le Plancton in Carnac  to grant you a short course of fitness in the gym with exercise equipment and Japanese sauna.


Carnac et le Golfe du Morbihan offrent tant de plaisirs gourmands qu’un petit moment de sport n’est pas inutile !

L’hôtel met à votre disposition un espace "forme et loisirs" avec vélo, banc de musculation, rameur, appareil de fitness, ballon de gym… Idéal pour faire travailler tous les muscles de son corps et garder la forme même durant les vacances !

The Japanese sauna: a beneficial feeling of intense heat 

Relax during a 30 or 40 minutes session, perfect for recovery after exercising. The Japanese sauna helps eliminate toxins, cleanse the skin, improves blood circulation. Exit articulation and muscle pains ! Your body becomes firmer and regains its tone.


The temperature of the Japanese sauna (max 50°C), close to the body, enters the body by light radiation and provides a pleasant feeling of warmth known for its relaxing virtues.

This type of sauna is suitable for all : elderly, without restriction unlike the Finnishor  Norwegian sauna .

Opening hours: daily from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm. Reservation necessary for the Japanese sauna.